Wednesday, August 07, 2013

BG Cosmetics Once Upon a Time Collection

I'm a very bad blogger and I know it.

Since my last post, I moved seven hours away from the city I've lived in since I was five which, as you can imagine, involves a lot of work.  And it also involved me developing an anxiety disorder, so that is also pretty time consuming.

I've had these pictures sitting on my hard drive literally since like April and kept meaning to write this and never got around to it... Bad KiKi.

I'm a big time fangirl and at the moment, my obsession-du-jour is Once Upon a Time.  So, when I see a OUAT polish collection, I'm compelled to buy it.  I was going to use these to create a OUAT skittles mani...but when I started applying them, it all went downhill fast.

I only have one finger of each polish to show you.  When I saw the taco glitter in this, I was so upset!  I wanted so badly to love these so I could wear them all the time and watch reruns and read Reawakened and fangirl on Tumblr.